Buck Owens
Country Guitar Master

Buck Owens

This guitar master moved to Mesa from Texas and eventually bought a coutry music radio station called KNIX. He is known for his guitar pickin' qwik writ'n', upbeat'n', rockabilly'n' songs. His song writing was a major part of who he was to the whole world.

One of his songs was interpreted by the Beatles called, "All I Want To Do Is Act Naturally". Most people do not know Buck's own version of this little ditty. Mr. Owens is known most for co-hosting the He-Haw television variety show in the 60s with Roy Clark. This is where he exposed his talents every week to millions of Americans. Many of them had never been exposed to country music prior to the launch of HE-Haw. He-Haw was self-depricating toward the country folk and millions tuned in to catch up on the latest "CORN".

Unexpectedly, another writer's song makes Buck famous, more so today than anything Buck did himself. A Rock song by Credence Clearwater Revival, one of the best American bands of all time, memorializes his name in a hit song with these words:

“A dinosaur Victoria,
list’nin’ to Buck Owens,
doo, doo, doo,
Looking out my back door."

This song has popular replay and longevity. Many youth of today and yesterday know who this master of guitar is because they hear or have heard this rock/country song by Credence CR.

Buck died of a heart attack in March of 2006 the day after performing in his own restaurant.

The Buck stopped there.

Buck Owens

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