Earl Hindman
Don't IgnoreThe Man Behind The Fence

Earl Hindman

There just is not a lot to say about this actor who played Wilson W. Wilson on T.V. He really did not have much of a fame fed career. He acted for over 30 years. 16 of those years in a Soap Opera. He had a cult following from the soap. When he was a comedic actor in the show Home Improvement which made him a household name as Wilson. It also made him famous. He was an endearing neighbor who could talk to the whole Taylor family and help them see their problems in a better perspective.

It seemed that he never made a decision for them just talked around the problem spliting hairs hoping the listening Taylor fmily member would acknowledge first his wisdom and then maybe they could act upon their own motivations. Wilson never revealed all of his face at one time while talking over the fence. This gimmick was very effective and the counsel was not bad but sometimes you wondered if it had any rhyme or reason.

Well Mr. Hindman is noted hear becasue he came from Bisbee, Arizona. To become famous out of Bisbee is like winning the Indy 500 in a 67 mustang. He was a natural athelete at 6 feet 9 inches Tall. After Attending High School in Tucson he attended Phoenix College and the University of Arizona with and emphasis on Drama.

After the show cancelled Earl did some work with Home Depot as the voice narrating the Home Depot Commercials.

Earl Hindman died of lung cancer at the age of 61 in December of 2003. His delivery of the philisophical counsel was very well done. It seemed very much to be what you would expect a neighbor of his stature to say. He was cast very well. He was also a man trained in Shakespeare. Ryans Hope Soap Opera paid some bills. Hidee Ho good neighbor!

Earl Hindman

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