Billy Preston
Fly High
Like A Bird Up In The Sky

Billy Preston
This man had the rythm up in him. He Lived in Scottdale Arizona in 2003 until he died on June 6, 2006 of respiratory failure after having fallen into a semi-comatose state. Some say he died of kidney failure.

He was famous for two significant pop songs; the writing, recording and performance of "Will it go 'round in Circles" and "Nothin' from nothin'" .

He is also known as the fifth Beatle because he played behind the scenes on keyboards. George Harrison invited him to "auditon" for the Beatles. He was on the roof top of London with their last open air concert!

The Let It Be album is the most prominant but he was on the last three albums the Beatles made. He was was recognized for his contribution to the song "Get Back",

He was our fly on the wall while John and Paul and George were creating and perhaps arguing about "How it will be." A classic encounter of prodigy all in one place at the same time and a drummer named Ringo. Does it get any more interesting than that?

Few people know that he played for the Rolling Stones on tour and in the studio. Ray Charles and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers were also part of Billy Preston's Resume.

Even fewer people know that Mr. Preston wrote the song, "You Are So Beautiful to Me" and that there is actually a second verse. Joe Cocker never used the second verse.

Billy Preston and his best friend are the only ones to have recorded this song with the second verse. Here it is...

Second Verse version.

This version was recorded by Billy and His lifetime friend from childhood Sam Moore with the corraboration of many people to put it into musical montage video. It is beautiful. Eric Clapton put a beautiful solo in on this version. Eric admired Mr. Preston and was deeply moved to sadness when he heard of Billy's suddend illness.

Mr. Preston was able to hear and watch this video just prior to his death. It is said that he teared up by this show of friendship. This had to be done while in and out of a state of comatose.

Billy was a musical prodigy. He brought people together and made something beautiful out of "somethin' if you want to be with him." Fun and Upbeat most of his life. He is greatly missed. He was only 59 when he passed away. You are so beautiful...

Billy Preston

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