Cesar Chavez
Man of Justice and Unity

Cesar Chavez was born in Yuma - born in 1927. He is honored for having founded the United Farm Workers Union.

This was very hard to do in a conservative right to work state like Arizona. He moved to California to pursue work and his endeavors for justice and civil rights of field workers.

Many of these workers were not documented properly making it more difficult. Perseverance was his mantra. He wanted to accomplish a moral goal of fighting for freedom without any violence.

He was known for fasting for 25 days at a time to help others and himself in his causes. He insisted he was not working for revenge but for the fact that he loved justice.

It was well worth it in the long run, for farmer and worker. Mr. Chavez was a civil rights leader with a great following. All people have benefited from his life’s work. He died very young at the age of 56.

Thank you, Hermano. The genius of hard work is memorialized in you and millions are still being served in your honor.

Today in Arizona he is referenced in the NEWS comparing his methods to those of current leaders dealing with Mexican immigration, Legal or Illegle. Violent and medically needy illegal immigrants have cost our state hundreds of millions of dollars. All other illegal immigrants have stimulated the economy allowing Arizona businesses to thrive. The turmoil vs synergized benefits is very complex at this point.

We need another Cesar today!

Cesar Chavez

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