Leslie Nielson
Are You Teasing Me?

Leslie Nielson
He lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona. He does local commercial adds for a Credit Union and is very funny.

Why, let's editorialize a little some here. His funny brand of humor is scarcely funny, obvious and shallow. You'e first inkling would be to never have an inkling to laugh.

But let's say that you had a bad day and you have got your grumpy on. You turn on the T.V. and you see Leslie there. You know you're not in the mood but the simple humor helps you forget the bad day and on the very next slight of comedy from Leslie you bust out the belly laughs. He is a Humor magician. The laughs just come out of thin air!

Leslie Nielson humor is not really slapstick but it is something... else. Maybe? His expressions must be what makes this type of humor work. Timing is the problem of the audience watching not Mr. Nielson's work/act/play. Of course, he wants us to think that... wait... Could he be that clever to do it deliberately? It always helps his cause. Sort of...

At his age it (his act/play/work) has become first nature to him. So roll along with the punchlines and life gets better after that.

He's like uniquely gifted peradventure. This is why you have to watch his movies and be in near twilight to watch them the first time. A second viewing is required if you want to laugh. The first time around you ask yourself, "how did they think this was worth it to produce; this ultra silly worse than Soupy Sales type stuff?"

Leslie Nielson became famous from doing the spooferific movies like Airplane and the Naked Gun with no excuses, just bold expectancies with assumed acceptance from the pale and light minded. Totally!, Excellent!, Awesome! Dude! = Leslie's Audience.

The format obviously works because he won't stop. Do you really think it's deliberate? Or is it just starch and fillers holding space 'til something better comes around. Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm. Hmmmm. Dunno!

He has had several television roles and he played (a serious and dramatic role) the Captain in the “Poseiden Adventure” which came out in the 70s. However, if you watch that show today you are expecting him to crack a line somewhere. I am sure he did and it is in a vault somewhere as an outtake or deleted scene. He doesn't do it in the movie, but if he did it might make the movie better. Yet, again we are happy that there really is a morning after. There's got to be.

Leslie Nielson loves to play golf. He may not be excel at it. But he doesn't put emotion into the game except He says, ...“he plays golf bad, but he feels good.”

His Career at 81 years old today is still moving a long. He has been in the “Scary Movies” and is now playing Uncle Albert in the “Superhero Movie” out in theaters this year, 2008. We're so sorry Uncle Albert.

He is a fun, fun, fun Arizonan. He can really mix it up, shake it up and then stir it. Don't take his comedy too seriously, thats for people like David Spade or Chris Rock. "Spoof me baby one more time... It's not that critical." Mr. Leslie Nielson, Arizona loves your brand of X. Keep up the great work. We hope we can roast with you again sometime. Or maybe just barbeque for the first time. Call us we'll do lunch or health food shakes and fries. Oh, aaahhhnd some fruit.

Leslie Nielson

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