David Spade
Make me Smile, C'mon!

David Spade Is a comedian. He went to school at Saguaro High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is very smart in math, science and reading. He says he intentionally used his smarts to anoy his classmates. Being able to do math several grades above his classmates perhaps made him nerd like.

His career in comedy started in college. He attended ASU but was only their shortly. While there he particiapted in a sketch comedy show called the Farce Side Comedy Hour. He was encouraged to go full tilt into comedy by his friends. He jumped in with full intent after the death of His best friend.

He is well known by kids as Kuzco, from the Disney animated movie, "The Emporer's New Groove." Saturday Night Live was Mr. Spades springboard to fame early in his career. David Spade has been in several movies, voices for video games, and acts on television. His last Hit T.V. series was "Just Shoot Me".

His character in every project he is in, seems to be the quintessential egotistical brat. Type casting, you got to love it. He is funny, especially when he keeps it clean. Standup comedy is hard to keep clean these days. He is truly more funny when he trys to keep the vulgar language and inuendo out of his repretoire. Hollywood claims him now but he'll be back to Arizona one day watch and see.. For now... Buh-bye

David Spade

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