Steve Allen
Hey buddy, You want to buy a laugh?

Steve Allen, was a radio host first in Arizona at KOY. (Now known as KFYI talk radio) He attended Arizona State University, he wrote songs and jazz music. But his brush with super stardom happened in Burbank (Hollywood). He was the very first Tonight Show host. Prior to Jack Parr and The King of late night T.V. Mr. Johnny Carson.

Mr. Allen has to his credit many T.V. shows bearing his name. He was very entertaining when in front of a live audience. His humor was expressed in double entendres, descriptions of "out of nowhere" impressions. His large framed glasses were largely a part of his persona. If he took them off you did not know who he was for a few moments.

This creative master was a very accomplished composer of music. He has written several songs for personal and commercial projects. "This could be the start of something big" was a very popular song in the late 50's and has been sung and performed by over 100 artist around the world.

Because of Steve Allens comedic nature and song writing acumen he made comments on variety shows about a music awards back in the 60s. He could not have been more funny as he roasted the Beatles, especially Paul McCartney and John Lennon for writng a hit song, Hello/Goodbye. Saying that the song didn't express much lyrically:

"Hello, Hello, I don't know why you say goodbye, I say Hello. You say yes and I say no, you say stop and I say no! no! no!"

"Oh No! You say Goodbye and I Say Hello. Hello Goodbye, Hello Goodbye"

This was one of and still is one of the most popular songs ever written by the Beatles. Steve Allen thought it very ironic because there were lyrics that went nowhere except in a circle.

That was the point of the song perhaps with a creative sound to play with your ear. Many songwriters were astonished by this because people in the songwriting business in the 1950's and 1960's wrote and re-wrote lyrcs trying to tell a story. It is a simple song and Mr. Allen exploited it even further.

Steve Allen lived to be 78 years old passing away in 2000 from a bizarre event. He was in a minor collision with another car. He felt fine until he got home and went to take a nap. He had suffered a heart attack because in the collision he ruptured a blood vessel. He is fondly remembered by most baby boomers world wide.

Steve Allen

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