Wayne Newton
Star Child -Legendary Man
Mr. Las Vegas

Wayne Newton
His family moved to Arizona as a child because Wayne suffered from severe asthma. In the 30s,40s and 50s many people from around the United States and elsewhere were given "doctor's orders" to come to Ariozna to try and beat all kinds of ailments. While attending his Junior year in high school, asthma in check, he was seen singing on a local television show by a talent scout. His confidence and welcoming charm and the fact that he sounded very good won him a private audition. His first act was to last for only two weeks... That is the longest two weeks in history.

Wayne Newton was a very handsome boy with an unmistakeable Charisma. He was tall, dark, full cheeked face and a million dollar smile. He was very appealing to the cameras and audiences alike. He did have a very, very high pitched voice. Many who first heard his songs on the radio thought he was a girl singing. In his youth,He had a scantly detectible look which reminded people of a very very young Elvis. People liked to look at him.

Many people were surprised that this obscure Arizona youth was such a sensation in Las Vegas. As he grew into a man performing, he was constantly teased and chided for his style and presentation. It did not matter he sold tickets to his venue day in and day out. Mr. Newton did not realize that this chiding was the best form of advertisement for him. It broadened his audience world wide.

Enemy #1: Johnny Carson use to make jokes at his expense on the Tonight Show in front of millions of people. Wayne did not take it to be just "for fun" because the chides questioned Mr. Newton's masculinity and implied possible ties to the Mafia. He asked Mr. Carson to stop with the jokes about him for months through contact with Mr.Carson's agents, attorneys and NBC.

Carson did not stop he just kept coming on with more jabs. Mr. Newton let it get under his skin and he says he finally went to Burbank and walked into Mr. Carson's office and put him on notice with, "...If you do not stop with the jokes about me, I am going to kick your ass!" There was never even a hint of mention about Wayne Newton after that. Neither suffered for it in the public eye or career wise.

We want to think Arizona cured his asthma before he became Mr. Las Vegas. And all he would say to that is “ Danke Schoen, darling danke schoen." (In the song it is pronounced dahnk uh shane.) This song was written and given to him as a youth from Bobby Darin. It is his signature song. His greates hit world wide is "Daddy, Don't You Walk so Fast". When you listen to the original recordings of Danke Shoen he does sound like a woman. All the song says in a broken German accent is simply: "Thank you darling!"

Mr. Newton is part indian on his father's side. His mother is also part Cherokee. On his fathers side, he descends from the Patawomeck tribe of Virginia recognized as one of the largest tribes of Native-Americans dating back to the 1600s. Mr. Newton's geneological lineage includes Pocahontas the tribe's princess. Pocahontas died of small pox in England at the age of 22. Mr. Newton has been trying to reclaim her remains to bring them back to the United States for a burial in her homeland. Smallpox victims were buried away from the town centers in those days so it is a mystery as to where she may have actually been laid to rest.

Wayne Newton was married twice and has two daughters both are adopoted, one from each relationship. He currently is unmarried.

Wayne Newton is 66 years old. He still acts and sings and performs in Las Vegas. He is a delightful man. He is a tribute to the Native-American nations and communities. He may be the most famous living person of Native-American descent. He is very enterprising. He is very succesful as a business man. He fought for what he believed in and lost millions. Filed bankruptcy to reorganize his financial situation, and today, he is very well healed financially and still standing.

Wayne Newton

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