Barry Goldwater
Presidential Candidate
U. S. Senator-Arizona

Barry Goldwater
Is a famous senior U.S. Senator from Arizona. He was the Republican nominee for President in 1964 running against the "New Deal" incumbent Lyndon Johnson successor to John F. Kennedy. Johnson won.

Barry Goldwater called himself a 1/2 Jew but his mother raised him up to be Episcopalian. Mr. Goldwater was considered moderate by the time he left the Senate to retire. In the 60's he was considered the author of conservatism.

One fun fact, about Mr. Goldwater is that he loved ham radio and would talk to radio folks around the world. Truckers, and other radio hams could talk with the Senator one on one. There was no Al Gore internet yet. It is said that he spent hours and hours talking to the world.

He was given special permission to have ham radio antennas and equipment in his North Phoenix mansion in a luxurious area known as Paradise Valley. This did not sit well with neighbors. When you drove on Lincoln Drive in what use to be North Phoenix at the foothills all could spot his house. It was very humorous to see the Antenna towers. The red lights flashing at night to warn aircraft added to the charm. Immediately after his sale of the property the towers came down and have never been seen since.

Mr. Goldwater died in 1998 at the age of 89. "Mr. Conservative" left his impression on our state, that we are conservative also. But we as a State are becoming less conservative every election day. The Goldwater name belongs to Arizona. If you are a Goldwater and live in any other part of the Country, It feels awkward and out of place for us long timers. Come on back to Arizona feel the freedom.

Barry Goldwater

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