Jerry Bruckheimer
Behind the Scenes

Jerry Bruckheimer

This fine gentleman has produced several T. V. Series such as Cold Case, and CSI. In these television programs he seems intent on making sure we fight to resolve injustice, take care of the road blocks and be poignant and learn from tough, dangerous and life altering experiences.

His message may be heard, society hasn't changed yet but his brand of entertainment is steeped in mystery and is very thought provoking. He is expressing himself every week in your house. Tune in.

He has also produced several Movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Pearl Harbor, National Treasure and Black Hawk Down.

Mr. Bruckheimer’s connection to Arizona is in his graduation from the University of Arizona with a degree in psychology and a minor in algebra. He'll be back one day. The psychology shows in his projects. Algebra, not so much. Its a behind the scenes type tool.

He is 62 years old and is married to Linda Bruckheimer a novelist. He has two children a son and a stepdaughter from a previous marriage.

Jerry Bruckheimer

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