Pat McMahon --
"Can I Ask You
What You're Hiding?"

Pat McMahon

This man is famous locally because of being a host on a local show in the 60's and 70's called the Wallace and Ladmo Show. He played Gerald a jealous, self absorbed, annoying kid being an adult dressed like a kid. It was ironic. He did this in Arizona on the old Channel 5 KPHO for 35 years. He had many other characters over the years. This was like an afternoon kid's show where there were Ladmo Bags of toys and propaganda given to kids who were invited to the show. He projected this very unique voice that meant watch out Gerald is coming. He was the character you loved to hate to love.

Pat's career was kind of like a mixture of Movies like Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire (He changed the format for the Wallace show like Mrs. Doubtfire did for her predecessor and his dinosaur show).

He then became master of the radio waves for AM Talk Radio 620 KTAR. He still hosts for that station today on FM Talk Radio KTAR 92.3. He does not ask the tough questions directly. He warms you up, sets you up, eases in and then invisibly extracts the information you never wanted revealed unless you are Paris Hilton, where any revelation is Hot! Let's just say he is very skilled.

Pat McMahon, ever the go getter, has a cable show on KAZ-TV where he interviews guests and re-deciphers the changes that may be relevant for us today.

It is hard to imagine he can still get new blood (INFO) out of a turnip and sometimes it is an old Turnip. He is more bold in his questiioning, these days.

He use to never reveal personal preference. Now it is his life. He gives you his opinion and critizizes as he goes. It is very refreshing and apropo to today's market place. You assume he is liberal but he is very conservatively staged.

Pat McMahon is a very high quality interviewer. The very best. Pat asks all the questions you want to know the answers too all the while maintaining "touch" with his listener and using his mastery of words to entertain the simplest to the most sophisticated ear. He is the consumate professional and gifted in the arts of oration and humor.

He is no stranger to hard work he would call fun. We have seen him, cry, make people cry and make us cry. He can also enrage the "people" handlers of a rock star" (from a radio interview) to have the number one paper and its writer,in Phoenix banned from interviewing or joining the Press corps backstage. Said rock star, Paul McCartney. We heard that Sir Paul gave the order himself prior to a concert he did in Tempe in 1990.

Pat McMahon has probably met or talked to everyone and/or their significant relevant others if they have any significance to Life in Arizona or the World.

Pat is getting older but his passion is as forceful as ever. Some of Vaudeville was lost with his parents passing but it was his vocational school. Somehow it is still remnicent in his way of being. We love it Pat!

Pat McMahon