Steven Spielberg
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Steven Spielberg
He was a student at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona until the end of his junior year. It is rumored that he used to have a camera on hand at school and he would direct his friends in movies at his home. As a teenager he would practice and study camera angles, camera shots, and lighting This is not unlike rock bands in their "garage phase".

Mr. Spielberg’s influences in modern cinema and film making are copied and coveted and we as movie goers are much more entertained because of his work. We see "Spielbergisms" everywhere in cinema around the world.

This creative genius is most noted for directing Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, the Color Purple and many more. He collaborated talents with world famous director/producer George Lucas, in Raiders of the Lost Ark and subsequent sequels. He is a key principal component in DreamWorks Productions which makes efforts to give Disney a run for its money. Disney is #1 and DreamWorks is #2

Steven Spielberg is certainly gifted. He got started in film making because of a scout merit badge requirement while in High School. He told a story on film to pass the merit badge. He may be the most famous Eagle Scout to have lived in Arizona. Phone home!

Mr. Spielberg is not unlike Alfred Hitchcock in bringing sudden surprise to the story. Except Mr. Spielberg seems to give a reality psychology and depth of feeling to elements in his character development and storyline. These elements would remain beyond belief normally, but his directing style gives the movie an uncanny credibility. Somehow, this allows the movie goer to let go of reality control. Thereby, making one think that even though the presentation is not real, to an extreme, it just could be possible if the circumstance and environment were right as depicted in the movie. Who could believe a dinosaur park would energize the masses of the earth? The movie about it did.

There is always a hook in the content of the movie that speaks to the questions of human philosophy that sticks in the heart and mind of us mere mortals long after the movie(s) is/are over. It makes you want to see the movie(s) again and again to see if you can find the answers to the question. You can’t, it’s the ultimate cliff hanger yet there never is an answering sequel. Can a shark engender revenge? A lot of people stay out of the ocean because of Steven Spielberg's classic direction of Jaws. If they don't stay out of the water, the thought of an close encouter still meanders through the mind.

Arizona and all the world love Steven Spielberg's good works. He has made a lot of popcorn makers lots of money.

Steven Spielberg

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