Paul McCartney, The Man Who Loved His Wife

Paul McCartney is the most famous Arizonan. Yes, he is a Britt. But He owns a ranch in Southern Arizona closer to Tucson than to Phoenix.

In case you didn't know... Paul McCartney is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. His works define our music in the Western World. All music finds comparisson somehow. The gift we all wanted to have he has.

The County/State has named a road "McCartney Road" that you can see on your way from Phoenix to Tuscon on Interstate 10. It is just North of the Town of Casa Grande. The road does not lead to the McCartney property. Paul McCartney bought the property in 1979 because of the great love he had for his wife Linda.

She was his greatest influence in life. Linda Eastman attended the University of Arizona. She took photography classes. During that time she had a daughter from a previous marriage named Heather who was born in Tuscon. Many Think that Linda Eastman was related to the Eastman-Kodak conglomerate. There is no connection whatsoever.

Linda, being a photographic artist and student, was intrigued by the light and colors available in Arizona. The light and colors can tend to be animated during certain times of the day and time of year. We really have two seasons Summer and Spring but the light and color changes are dependent on moisture levels in the air.

Linda, sadly, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, Paul took her to her beloved Arizona for her final moments of life. Linda rode her horse the day before she died. Paul said it was more important for Linda to be off the ground, and up on her horse. She loved to ride.

Linda was not told that she was dying, a choice that Paul made with her doctor, so she could carry on until the end thinking of the struggle for life as opposed to the prospects of her imminent death.

She passed away on April 17, 1998. Paul McCartney still owns the ranch today. It is a memorial and a sanctuary for the Paul McCartney family. Paul is a vegetarian to this day because of the influences of Linda Louise McCartney. We may never know what songs were written by Paul here in Arizona. However, Jo Jo left his home in Tucson, Arizona, bought some California grass... (Bermuda grass for the horses, of course.)

Paul McCartney is one of the original FAB FOUR. One of the Beatles. The rock band that has never been surpassed as the greatest rock band of all time. The Quarrymen for all time. Most musicians of modern rock are greatly influenced by the Beatles.

Many argue about who the genius was behind the Beatles. Paul McCartney was one of them. Paul has been able to produce such fantastic music since the Beatles broke up. He is a natural genius and savant, respected by all creators and connoseurs of all genres of music.

Paul is a family man. Today at 65, he is a man with continuos achievements and creativity.

NewPort Arizona Loves Mr. McCartney.

The following words are just for the Paul McCartney extreme fans. These are some lyrics woven together from Sir McCartney's repretoire of lyrics from his songs. They are random and just for fun. No grammar allowed, we break all the rules. Poetic license,and all that sort of thing, yuh know. Peradventure, we could convince Paul to join us for dinner at NewPort Arizona and afterward a spot of english tea.

Did you know the village of Old Siam Sir? We hear tell that there lived a lady who lost her way. Ooh, babe you couldn't have done a worse thing to me, If you'd a taken an arrow and run it right through me.

But somebody's built a home for us, follow the single pigeon through the railing, my long haired lady. Love is long when you're wrong, but we can work it out, Its getting better all the time (It couldn't get much worse!). Don't go jumping waterfalls please keep to the lake, My name is Morse Moose and I'm calling you!

With a Little luck we could shake it up and see the comet exploding. Oh yeah! all right! Girl you're going to be in my dreams tonight at the Cafe on the left bank. We could jaw through the night talk about a range of subjects anything you like. Here comes the Sun King, let me roll it to you, here today for you were in my song.

Its just another day for the Lovely linda, with the lovley flowers in her hair. This swan is gliding. Mais ou est le soleil? Dans la tete, travaillez! You say goodbye and I say Hello. Say say say, the girl is mine, Wonderlust, you keep dreamin'!

You make me go so wrong. Love awake, we laughed a lot that summer,laughing at the good times comin' in. When you were young and your heart was an open book.

Near the Mull of Kintyre, O' mist rollin' in from the sea. My desire is to explain the feeling's plain to me, say can't you see? Its not just a lovin' machine and it doesn't work out if you don't work at it so live and let die.

I love you and you, you seem to like me, Mamunia. The grand old painter died last night his paintings on the wall... And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know (repeat some more til you run out of breath) can't leave young thing alone, there ain't no sunshine when she's gone, only darkness every day.

I have no answer for you little lamb. I can help you out, let me roll it to you. I use to be bad but I don't have to be bad no more. I'm a lot like you, me too, me too, Simone to me, too many people losing weight. That was your first mistake, yesterday.

Let it be,and call me back again. We'll go ballroom dancing, 1, 2, 3, 4 I just can't ignore your my love, oh oh, --Dragonfly-fly by my pillow. Oh Oh my love, only my love does it good to me.

I wanna be the other me that doesn't let you down as a rule, lead me to your door and let em in; oh yeah let em in.

Kreenacore. Sire, If you ever knock upon my door, I'll let you look inside. I am waiting for a better moment, In the Sun, where you don't pay money you don't pay rent; you don't even know the time but you don't mind. Ho Hey Ho!

Thank you, Sir Paul McCartney. NewPort Arizona.

Paul McCartney

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