Linda Ronstadt
Lady Sings the Muse

Linda Ronstadt
She is one of the best singers ever to hit the charts. The charts do not tell the whole story though. If you haven't listened to Linda Ronstadt sing on an entire album you are missing the greastest expose of her talents.

She is so very versatile. Rock, country, jazz, classic big band, Buddy Holly, and Christmas music are within her perfectly executed melodic expression. She can sing it all... and do it all very well. She may practice these songs in the shower but it does not stop there. For this, we can be grateful!

Her music sounds so mysteriously famailiar as if you have never heard it before and yet you might think you're hearing it for the first time. Many of her songs are familiar. These songs when picked up by Miss Ronstadt have often given berth to a second career for the original artists. One example; Smokey Robinson.

She was born in Tucson and still maintains a home there. "It's so easy to fall in love." She was engaged to George Lucas at one time. "You say your gonna leave me you know its a lie but that'll be the day ay ay that I die."

Before the Eagles were the Eagles they were the back up vocals and backup band for our Ms. Rondstadt. Linda has brought songs out of obscurity and made them heart felt and timeless. She has a gift.

Her passion seems to be music. Her music is therapeutic for us. “Take a good look at my face, you know my smile looks out of place, if you look closer its easy to trace, the tracks of my tears.”

Bravo to a career filled with incredible expressions and depth of feel and strength in emotion. "Ooooh, Baby Baby". "We don’t know much but we know we love you."

Any song that she sings, if it use to belong to somebody else and was made popular, Linda Ronstadt makes it more popular again. She breathes in a second life for the song. The transformed song is given another passion and a much wider audience. The song becomes adapted and adopted and owned by Ms. Linda. Linda Ronstadt is the muse for our time.

Linda Rondstadt

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