Barbara Eden
The Jeanie in a Bottle

Barbara Eden
What a beautiful woman at 74 years old! She was born in Tucson, Arizona. She is most famous for her Role as Jeannie in the T.V. series, I dream of Jeannie. She also was very well cast in the made for T.V. movie, "Harper Valley PTA."

We know she visits Arizona from time to time because we have seen her at Sky Harbor Airport. She has entertained us from appearances on Gunsmoke, Andy Griffith, I Love Lucy to her most recent appearance on Army Wives.

Her role as Jeanie being dressed up in very sexy veils, bare midriff and bikini tops with shoulder lenghth blond hair had an impression on little girls who clamored for I dream of Jeannie Dolls. The boys of every age were in love with the fantasy of Jeannie and the instant travel she could often provide.

Barbara Eden never stops. She has been busy her whole life after Jeannie. To most of us she still is Jeannie. Yet,from doing Bob Hope specials to the play "Love Letters" with Larry Hageman she gets busy.

It’s that magic in a bottle. An Arizona sweetheart endures.

Barbara Eden

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