Lindsay Wagner
Beautiful Motion

Lindsay Wagner
The former Bionic Woman today, is an Arizonan. She is very active these days. She does small projects in acting consistently. She is not as well known as the Bionic Woman to the youth of today. The reruns of her television series do not get much re-play.

This role allowed her to win an Emmy Award for playing the effervescent Jaimie Sommers. Her movements while running in slow motion were so captivating in a very wholesome way.

One of Lindsay Wagner's acting "tics", that she is noted for using, is the managing of her long blonde hair away from her face and placing the golden locks behind her right or left ear.

Sometimes doing this with both hands twice or more times in the same episode. But this acting tell, carried over to other acting projects.

So far it has not re-appeared in her commercials. We always wondered if she was signaling to a loved one like Carol Burnett's tug of the ear. Then again maybe it was just naturally prudent to do so. We will have to ask her.

She is said to have very sweet manners and grace when she is seen out and about amongst the Arizona public. Getting her best rest ever on that sleep number bed must help keep her on an even keel too.

So you know she is feeling good! Has she ever told us what her sleep number is? We all want her number!

Ms. Lindsay Wagner has been married four times. At age 57 she is currently unmarried. She has two sons Dorian and Alex.

Lindsay Wagner is involved with humanitarian works promoting seminars (in and out of state) to help curb family violence and help victims.

She believes that spiritual and psychological approaches are tools to help heal the soul from abuses and re-prepare oneself for re-entry into the perplexities of our world.

Quiet the Mind and Open the Heart is her mantra. Helping oneself is more powerful than trying to hope someone can do it for you. Meditation and spiritual practices seem to have centered Ms. Wagner.

She did not get on an airplane because of a spiritual warning in 1979. The airplane crashed 30 seconds after takeoff, no survivors.

Listening to your spiritual promptings is part of teaching people to live more freely from life's tentacles. Trusting in the systems of this existence can be very disappointing.

It reminds us that there is a greater energy that is intimately a part of us. We are not alone here. We are just passing through.

This type of saving and healing is very real. Once Lindsay's brand of helping was a fantasy of dreams as a bio-mechanical woman who saved lives.

Today her help is more dramatic, focused and creative. She is like a coach for saving the living. This coaching provides, for those who recognize their individual need for change, a chance to re-discover their own dreams and aspirations.

Ms Wagner is still naturally beautiful physically, in movement, voice and character.

Our 2 cents of advice? Breathe deeper, smile more and more broadly. Her sleep bed voice sounds so matter-of-fact, laid back and one could say, ahrahhha, sleepy. Goodnight. Surely it must be deliberate. It works.

Thank-you Ms. Wagner. You are so beautiful.

Lindsay Wagner

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