Glen Campbell
The Man with a Shine on His Coat

Glen Campbell, The Rhinestone Cowboy sang by the time I get to Phoenix she'll be risin'. Well he lives in the Phoenix area now as a shinning star. He owns a spread in Flagstaff as well. He is loved by millions. One would think that he finds the desert to be a great and peaceful hideout.

He became uber famous when he filled in for the Smothers Brothers show which eventually led to his own variety show on television. His guitar playing was impeccable. It looked complicated but sounded so simply beautiful.

His talent is everlasting. He seems to have been wrung through the fame school of hard knocks. Yet he keeps picking himself up and working for his ever forgiving audience. What courage.

Few people realize that he helped to launch the careers of Alan Jackson, Jerry Reed, Ann Murray and Mel Tillis. Another very fun fact is that this country rocker was a touring guitar player with the beach boys in the late 50’s and early 60’s. He is truly one of the most versatile musicians out there. He started as a session musician and has become a musical icon. Gentle on my mind = NewPort Arizona on my mind.

Glen Campbell

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