Michael Carbajal

Michael Carbajal
He is a world champion boxer in the flyweight division four times over. He was born and raised in Phoenix. He still calls Phoenix his home.

Michael owns a boxing gym called the 9th Street Gym. Anybody who frequents there is called a 9th Street Gang Member. It truly is a place where young kids can go, learn some boxing, stay out of trouble and be inspired by the inn keeper.

This man can pack a punch. He has fought in the Olympics and brought home a silver medal. He fought in the Pan American Games and brought home the silver medal from there too.

His last fight was made for a movie in 1999. Where are you Hollywood? He fought flyweight Champ Jorge Arce who was then 20 years old. Carbajal was 32 and way past his prime. Most sports enthusiasts counted Carbajal out with little competitive fight still available. Carbajal never quits though. He was ready.

This independent Boxer wanted to make another comeback and retire. He went 10 rounds of true boxing like a champ. He then knocked Arce to the floor. Carbajal saw his moment and was not going to give it up. In the eleventh round he stuck Arce with a strong over head right; Arce was stuck then in the ropes with no ability to fight his way out and the match was over. Experience, training and a solid focus was too much for any Carbajal contender that day.

This man retired with 49 wins and 4 losses. 33 wins were earned by knock out. Earning respect for his nickname Tiny Stone Hands.

He is one of the nicest men you'll ever meet. He has inspired many young men to keep in shape and to fight for your dreams.

Arizona has seen this man make a goal and fight for it. Michael Carbajal came out of obscurity really, all by himself, he knew he could be somebody. Now he is a Champion in and out of the Ring.

Michael Carbajal

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