Paul Harvey... (pregnant pause)
Good day!

Paul Harvey was our Snowbird of Phoenix. He was loved by the minions of people because of the way we were drawn into the pictures he drew with his voice.

He was the Norman Rockwell of Radio. We couldn't wait to hear(see) reaction to the world series, presidential election, shuttle missions, palm trees in the desert, he just described them and put them into a wonderful place we could all recognize but could never really get too. Radio Heaven on earth.

No matter where you were in the country, when you heard Mr. Harvey's voice, there was a large heart felt piece of home, apple pie and grandma's favorite cookies in his broadcast. That was just from delivering his view on the NEWS of the day.

If you listened to "The rest of the Story" Many times you were brought to tears, or to a point of shouting out loud in admiration for the success, feeling like you could handle your troubles a whole lot more than you thought you could. Cheer for the underdog or the somebody you thought you knew but didn't know you didn't know. Wow, this description doesn't do him justice.

He called Phoenix his second home. His 90 years of life were filled with more stories about somebody else overcoming a short coming then making an impact on the society we live in.

When someone would meet Paul Harvey on the street it seemed that his voice was a stage voice like on the radio. But it was the genuine voice of a man in love with life and all its overcomings!

We miss the words of the great advocate of good will. Somewhere we believe he is helping an angel feel better about the status of his paradaisacal Glory!

Carry On.

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