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Our Story as it relates to Reliv.

Five+ years ago my youngest son was born. Being our sixth child and knowing what an ABCOR score was we always looked at the signs right after birth of healthy babies. I noticed immediately that my son's grasp reflex was not as strong as that of the other five babies. It bothered me but the doctor assured me he was ok.

The other action I have always taken with all my babies, from the moment of birth until they uttered their first words... I would insist that they somehow make cognitive eye contact at least once a day. My young son did this but he was often staring out (zoning out) looking right through me into space like one would describe in petit mal seizures.

So I would work with him to see if we could get some recognition and see if we could follow the fingers and focus. I became somewhat placated when he would follow my fingers and then look at me in the eyes and then finally break into a huge smile. We would have a short moment of happy. After about 6 months I did not have any further fears and just thought that his development would continually make great strides over time.

I was in love with this little boy’s personality and my heart could not conceive of anything being anything other than perfect and beautiful. I knew he would become fully functional on his own timetable.

My wife however, watched his eating habits and his speech development, his lining up of animals and dinosaurs and so much more along with other functions of dexterity and motor skills.

My son crawled and walked how he should have but his eating was slow and he became very irritated having to wait for his baby formula to be mixed and presented in the bottle. He did start to eat baby food but soon became very picky on textures and tastes and consistency of the food.

At 6 months old my son was playing with words making all the right strides it seemed in his language. After a while, maybe a year, he would constantly say the word “Rhino”. If he was asked a question he would say, “the Rhino bite you”. This was cute.

After a while my wife started to worry because he was not adding to his vocabulary and would be found mumbling. Kiie Kiie was kitty and zebie was zebra until rhino came along.

Generally for about a year my son’s speech would improve slightly and then plummet into mumbling.

In the mean time he was tested for severe acid reflux because his food would not stay down and we felt he might not be getting the nutrition he needed.

The expert doctors said he would eventually out grow this by two years old and if he did not improve by that time they could re-evaluate and perhaps surgically fix the problem or try non-invasive treatments.

We were told to wait and watch to see what would happen. After my sons second birthday my wife started to focus intensely on my son's over all progression. He seemed to have fallen behind and regressed. This worried her deeply. I did not notice it.

Once early on in his life a nurse told us that we needed to see a neuro-developmental specialist because she noticed varying behaviors which suggested issues with brain function. Several months later we had our son tested by several specialists and at two and a half he was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder.

This turned into further being tested for and diagnosed with full on autism.

Ignorance is not bliss...

I was in denial about the severity of his problem because he was so interactive with me and we had a great reciprocal relationship. I did not believe the testing. I felt my wife was unjustly focused on something.

It seemed that her fear became exaggerated panic which caused her to want to find some problem and This was it. Her solution for something that was not really there. I also thought that if it was there it would eventually disappear anyway as he became older and more able to accumulate skills with time.

Well, my wife watched him closely went to all kinds of awareness web sites, read several books on the subject, went to several experts in Arizona of whom were world renown researchers from ASU.

We qualified for services and soon our whole world was interrupted by visitors every day. These visitors were to help my son function in the real world. I was still in denial. I was Thinking, “ well these services were great but they were not going to impact my son’s developmental acuity”. My wife was then told by one of the researchers that there was a brain supplement which had helped many kids on the autism spectrum.

We tried it with our son and it was completely ineffective.

Shortly, after that my wife had met a couple of women who introduced her to yet another supplement that had helped their kids with autism.

At this time my wife was struggling with how to find a cure for our son. She was going through heartfelt anxiety and strife in order to try to help this boy somehow regain his speech and not mumble; and say words properly.

It was a Reliv product called, Reliv Now for kids. Basically a vitamin milkshake formula. My son hated it. It seems that the more my kids hated something the more my wife wants them to try it.

She’s funny that way. In three days after being force fed the product my wife announced that my son could speak again and not mumble and that he was coming out of his regression.

Well, in my heart and mind I never thought he really left and was just going through learning processes differently than others and at a different speed.

According to my wife’s child development hand book and the service provider's experience, my son he was regressing quickly.

Reliv brought him to a new benchmark to watch and see if he could progress further. I assumed that my wife didn’t really believe it worked either because the zealous women who introduced it to her, she wanted nothing to do with them except to buy the Reliv products and finally found a way not to buy from the zealous women and bought the product from e-bay.

From folks who could not continue in the business any longer. She found out that she could get it cheap this way until that source ran out.

Then it became more expensive than buying it retail or from the network.

So my wife stopped. But then we ran out of the product and my wife was driving down the road and came to a stop sign and saw that the car in front of her had a license plate that said RELIV.

My wife jumped out of the car in the middle of traffic and went pounding on the window asking, ..."do you sell Reliv we have just run out and I need to get some for my son."

So my wife started purchasing Reliv from this distributor.

My wife was not consistent in delivering the product for the two years that I was "foo foo ing it. She would go on mini long periods with not providing the supplement then start up again.

We had enrolled our son in Karate just to have an outlet to try to get him some stronger motor skills and interaction with more kids and get the sensory stimulation he might need.

During that two year period I would notice how my son would say things and ask questions that were way beyond his capacity as I had ever experienced with my other five children. Or other children I had taught in Sunday School and other places.

I would express that to my wife that he had made very mature statement and asked very complex questions way behond his years.

It was incredible that he was able to think at that higher level, if you will, so suddenly out of the blue. I did this to try to help my wife see that my son was progressing just fine and all of this “service” was not needed and that he would grow up to be very well adjusted and happy.

My wife didn’t tell me, she just smiled and once in a while dropped the hint that he was back on the Reliv product for several days and I conveniently did not hear that hint. I just did not want to hear it.

After all, it seemed to defy all the science I have ever learned and I had been reading several books on nutrition and the only way it could affect anybody was over months and months of consistent use. My thoughts were, “ How in the world could a vitamin supplement possibly change the expressions of speech, cognitive awareness and motor skills all at the same time and all within days of its use.”

And if my son was really autistic, there was probably no way of reversing that. That product would be such a great break through that the world would already know this and would be providing it on the shelves of every store across the world let alone the USA.

My wife knew I didn’t want to hear it, and yet somehow I knew something was affecting my boy. So I started watching.

After much time, sure enough when Reliv was re-introduced he did seem to have a little awakening and was able to express himself better towards me and would almost be so proud and intent on sharing with his dad. These moments would bring me to tears, my wife too.

And yet I still did not want to believe this evidence.

In January my wife asked me to come to my son’s Karate class to see if he would behave just a little better if I were there. I was somewhat unaware that there was a problem.

His normal process according to my wife was to be all over the mats, staring in the mirrors, knocking kids down, ignoring the instructors, and running all over the Karate studio, not bowing to get on and off the mat and just unable to concentrate.

Well, I came. My presence there did not change those behaviors in the slightest iota.

The distributor my wife met at the stop sign calls us up and asks for a meeting. My wife approaches me and I happen to be in a good mood that day and said o k let’s hear the spiel.

The appointment was made. I had decided that the shake my son was taking certainly was not going to ever hurt him and would only help supplement his good health. Admitedly, I was wavering in my stance against the Reliv program as well. I sat in the meeting and agreed to go to another Tuesday meeting.

I made a commitment to study it out and see if I wanted to get more involved.

In the mean time my son had another issue. His preschool teacher would not give us an evaluation that was negative because she felt he was a “typical kid”! Well, my wife suggested that she come to his karate class and then maybe we could get her to see how sensory un integrated he was in his autism. She agreed to come. I couldn’t be there. I had a meeting.

When I got home from the meeting I asked if my son’s teacher was going to now write the negative evaluation so that we could use it to support our need for state-sponsored services. My wife, said no she is not going to write an evaluation.

Our boy did the best he had ever done in a karate class and followed the instructors as well and was as focused as all the other children in his group. The instructors were very impressed. The teacher just couldn’t see anyway how he was delayed compared to the other children. I asked my wife, this time, how many days has he been on Reliv now. Seven days was the answer since the meeting in our home with our soon to be sponsors.

Well, Tuesday came and I was cautiously enjoying my second Reliv meeting. Then it happened...

Fred got up and spoke for a few minutes. He seemed very vibrant and almost as if he were going to do jumping jacks. He didn’t but I am certain he could have.

He said, “I am 90 years old and I feel like I am 70 again!” We all laughed because most of us hope we make it to 70 and here he was 90! He mentioned that he had been in a wheel chair and was told he would never walk again without assistance from a walker because of the knee surgeries he just had. He also mentioned that his mind was foggy and that Reliv got him through that and he was now able to negotiate with the State of Arizona to set up a 28 unit subdivision.

I was instantly converted from my dissension. I apologized to my wife and said lets do this. It is a way to help people you care about (which is everybody). I can’t believe the sudden urgency I felt to share the product.

After three weeks, I could not think of any thing else. I realize it is not in the stores now because on a store shelf no one can express the benefits of the product.

Also, the company keeps full control of research and development, and quality and ultimately the production and distribution of product.

It has its own chemists, doctors, researchers that keep the product on the cutting edge. I believe without a doubt that this will help everybody for the rest of their lives. I intend to be a part of that.

I have met people who have continually, blown me away with their stories. On a Saturday meeting I saw a woman who looked beautiful and very healthy and I assumed she was in her mid thirties. I couldn’t understand why she needed to be there and thought it must be because of her children, but I couldn’t quash my curiosity and asked her to tell me her story after the meeting.

She said she was suffering from lupus and was told by a doctor several years ago that she was near death because of the disease. She found the program and the body healed itself and then she mentioned she was 49. This was powerful to me as well. I have friends with lupus.

In the same meeting I met a man who was a cowboy/construction type he said it cleared up his allergies and yellow fungus under the toenails.

I have talked to people who would otherwise be six feet under now according to the doctors, but have made amazing recoveries extending their lives. Because, It is that simple!

Good nutrients introduced to the body at the cellular level, awakens the body’s natural ability to repair and recover.

Now, my story. After meeting Fred my 90-year old icon. I started taking the product. After one day I felt a sense of better balance. After a week, I felt a sense of well being and well rested.

After another week my blood sugar dropped over 100 points. I weeded my front yard (about 1/3rd acre)with the weed eater after two weeks. Usually, my back gets hung up and I can’t continue after about forty minutes without fighting some pain.

I didn’t only noticed that I had to stop to get more fuel! My sinuses were hung up a little and I thought for sure this would be a three day clense. Well, overnight I had no head/sinus cold went about my day with no soreness or allergy symptoms.

I walk up and downstairs and my muscles are not sore. The diabetic brain fog is at least 70% clearer and my blood pressure was never too high but now it is 116/80. I expect it will get better.

There are many little things that are good too, like I can run three plus miles everyday if I want. I had been on the products for three weeks. I can’t wait to say I have been on the product for 6 months. The nutrition provided in the format that it is dispensed is eliminating health struggles and strengthening my entire make up which helps me feel better both physically and mentally and spiritually.

I am not sure how this is working out but I am certain it will work out eventually and with great hope in people making their way!

I can’t get it out of my head. Oh by the way, now I understand why those zealous ladies who first introduced my wife to the product, were so passionate. It is almost irritating because they are so passionate, now I understand because the second law of thermodynamics was fully engaging my body (entropy), and now it’s been slowed down. I hope for a reversal. I feel great relief and hope for the recovery process to take full effect.

I have a boy who I can relate to and enjoy his thinking processes and he can and does ask me questions and has more and more moments of awakening. We have uped his nutritional intake of Reliv by double. The differences are noticed.

So, Ken and Marjorie, now you know why I feel so zealous and passionate too. I am probably even at least a little irritating. Ha Ha. But I feel certain that the product will not let you down.

The business side of things is only there if you want it. At least get on these products. A test drive, if you will..

The very basic thing that you should do is to start out with the Reliv Classic and the Reliv FibRestore. I would normally recommend you to take the Innergize with it because it speeds up results and helps the product taste better. Because of the sugar content, it might not be a good idea at first.

I take two scoops of the classic (It has a non sweetened taste. Its not too hard to swallow. (It is not like juice or a shake) I just use it each day in water. Two scoops of FibRestore each day mixed with the classic it has a pineapple flavor.

Then on some days I take it again before I go to bed. You can put it in any liquid you would like. Milk is very common.

You can get in on the lowest level as a customer which is just product at the retail price. Thirty to forty-five days per can per person would be about $101.00

You can come on as a Distributor for $50.00 more. You would get the products for $81.00 (20%) discount.

If you like the product and want to keep ordering you can get a 25% discount after you buy up to $700.00 of product which could take a while.

Then if you want to take it to a Master Affiliate level you’ll need three months of $1,000.00 and you are upgraded. Or you can at anytime buy that much product for yourselves to use or sell. Which is what I have done. It took me years to endorse the product. So I would never expect you to do any different.

But please test drive it. You get to have 40% off the product if you ever get to this point. If the products work and it reduces the medication bills, you’ll then see the major benefit for everybody.

What I have done with my 92-year-old grandmother is gone in as a group so the whole family in California could use it. Together we are Master Affiliates. Approximately, four to six people.

You mentioned that you have some grand children that could possibly use this. They would take what my boy does in Vanilla and/or Chocolate. Reliv Now for Kids. A months worth is about 55.00 for one child taking about two scoops a day. Kids seem to react to this more quickly than adults because of the youthful metabolism I guess.

If nothing else please try the product as a customer Give it 30 days. It you do not feel any better the product is 100% refundable no questions asked.

Thanks for listening. I believe it will literally change your health. It’s changing mine.

Best regards,

Mark S. Belnap